I need a (video) camera

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If you´re in Berlin and you need some sort of video/photo equipment, I can highly recommend 25p cine support. They even have a quadrotor to carry a GoPro that you can rent.

I´ve rented a battery, and even though I had it for 5 days, they only charged me for 3 days of useage.

MacMini Disk Update – with FusionDrive

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Replacing the disk

Yesterday, Andy and I opened up his MacMini in order to replace the optical drive with a SSD. Actually, his HDD switched over to the optical bay, and the new SSD was placed in the harddrive bay.
I went quite smooth, the only special thing you need is the “Mac-Mini-Logic-Board-Removal-Tool”. It´s a piece of thick wire bent the right way, and it is worth every penny (6,95€), unless you buy it directly from Apple (39,95€).
Don´t forget to have a set of screwdrivers laying around as there are funny star shaped screws in the MacMini!
I was also using a “spudger” for the first time. It´s also a good tool to keep around.

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Vespino – Vespa/Piaggio Shop in Berlin

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Vespino –  a nice shop that repairs your Piaggio/Vespa scooter. If you want to reach the guy you would need to call him directly, 0179 4562330 is the cell number. He used to be in Kastanienallee but moved to Ostkreuz (Hauptstrasse 1g-h, Berlin)